Category: Audio Products Published: Thursday, 29 October 2020 Written by Richard Hoogeveen

2 way loudspeaker VISE


This is the 2 way loudspeaker set designed by Jan Mulder (Dalojan) and adopted by HMR-audio. A small loudspeaker but absolutely great in sound. The VISE, as we call it, can be placed on a bookshelf or on a stand. Jan did a great job in designing the enclosure in AJHorn and filter in BoxSim. The choice was made for a Visaton woofer and Seas tweeter. The enclosure has a small transmission line.

The loudspeakers sound fantastic, instruments clearly in detail and voices really come forward.

The low is incredible for such small loudspeakers and just below 40Hz. The below sets have surprised many in the audio community, one of the reasons to keep this design of Jan.


Visaton AL-130, Seas 29TFF

15mm biscuit glued MDF, inner sides covered with butyl compound damping

Filter with Jantzen and Mundorf parts

Filling 25 grams Twaron, Sonofil

7.6 kg each

20 x 30cm front, 30cm depth

35-25.000Hz / 8 Ohm

Crossover at 2kHz

Handcrafted by HMR-audio



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