Category: Audio Products Published: Thursday, 29 October 2020 Written by Richard Hoogeveen



 Made with great precision. Simulated and well tested with the CLIO measuring device I have. Very low distortion numbers, well below 0.004% THD.

The PHOLIX can run in the PRELUX as an add-on printed circuit board to support a PHONO input. It sounded absolutely wonderful with my Marantz 6150 and MM Ortofon 2M Red.

The new HMR-Audio version V2.0 is ready !

When you look carefully you see that the board can also run as a standalone PHONO preamp called PHOLIX.

It is built with great care and every Wima capacitor is matched between the L and R channel.

Since 2021 you will have the HMR-Audio MM / MC PHOLIX Phono preamp (46dB/66dB) in a distinctive HMR-Audio CNC full aluminum 6082 casing.

The CNC is also done at HMR-Audio.





The Pholix can be made for available for you in any form (populated board, as add-on in PRELUX or standalone), you can contact me with the contact form.

The measured RIAA correction curve.



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