Category: Audio Products Published: Monday, 26 October 2020 Written by Richard Hoogeveen

LM3886 Amplifier HELIX


After hearing the LM3886 try-out of Jan in a small mediaplayer I decided to design my own LM3886 solid state amplifier. After reading many hours and trying some designs I finally convinced myself to design my own version of the LM3886 printed circuit board. Years ago I designed many printed circuit boards up to 8 layers and know the pitfalls. The pcb layout is one of the most important part of your design. The pcb contains input noise filtering and on the outputs are the often seen Thiele and Zobel (snubber) components for stability. I also read about the very interesting USA built switching power supplies of Connex, they make them especially for audio. A 300 Watt version powersupply can be found in the Helix amplifier beside the toroidal transformer as a base version.






The case is from 10mm thick 6082 aluminum CNC done by HMR-Audio.

The Helix sounds absolutely amazing and has very low distortion numbers !

2 x 75 Watt / 4 Ω, 0.005% THD

2 x 40 Watt / 8 Ω, 0.0025% THD

0 - 85Khz (-3dB)





These special high performing amplifiers (and CNC/PCB parts) can be made for you, you can contact me with the contact form.







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